Date: May 5, 2018

Time: 9:30 AM

Downtown Provo

Run13 and the Provo City Half Marathon – 5k are excited to welcome the newest addition to the Original Downtown Provo Running Event!

Last year we filled the Downtown Provo streets with their unique positivity and well-known musical style, Timmy the Teeth, along with Joshua James on drums. They created a finish line celebration Utah has never seen before!  This year, we’re excited to do it all over again. Artist to be announced soon but they’ll be jammin’ out, and setting the tone, as runners fly through the finish line with greetings of cheers and celebrations from the thousands who will be flocking to downtown Provo, Saturday morning!

You don’t want to miss out, in fact, you don’t have to. The public are welcome to come and join in on the party! Bring your friends, bring your family, or just bring yourself… all are invited! Come and witness what #RocknSole is all about and watch the standard for running events be once again raised, by Run13! 

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