Run13 and Racing the Cane are committed to improving the lives of impoverished children in the can shack communities of the Dominican Republic. Our goal is to encourage family involvement in raising funds and shoes. In turn, we provide a free racing event and educational assistance for children living on the sugarcane plantations.

At the finish line (and in the days prior to the race) participants will have the opportunity to donate shoes. Each year we will journey to the Dominican Republic to distribute the shoes collected and host a similar, free running event for the children there. This race will provide an opportunity for the children to run in a different way, something many of us take for granted. Part of your registration fee will help sponsor Dominican children to join English academies, as those who speak English have a greater chance of attaining further education, becoming employed, and thus breaking out of the sugarcane fields. Come join us and the Racing the Cane Foundation for this important event.